LONG QUEUES of traffic were seen outside Jeremy Clarkson’s Diddly Squat Farm Shop this morning.

Residents who live in Chadlington reported traffic 'chaos' this morning, as Chipping Norton Road, where the store is located, fell to a standstill as cars queued to get into the shop.

Today is the last day Clarkson’s farm shop will be open for two months, as it was suggested earlier this week on social media that it will be closed in January and February.

One resident told the Oxford Mail: “Buses can’t get through, it’s all at a standstill and nothing is being done.

“A ten-minute round trip is now taking over an hour due to traffic and parking on the road.”

The resident added that it appeared the parking management at the store were instructing cars to park on the side of the road.

She added that the line of parked cars on the road goes on for more than a mile.

The AA Traffic News site showed that there were delays on Chipping Norton Road.Oxford Mail: Delays on Chipping Norton RoadDelays on Chipping Norton Road

Jeremy Clarkson fans caused traffic chaos and created a mudbath on the last weekend before Christmas.

Dozens of vehicles lined grassy verges near Chadlington while long queues of visitors described the car park as 'a sea of mud' and suggested it be renamed 'Diddly Squelch'.