Waitrose have apologised for fining drivers for passing through and say there was a ‘fault’ in the system.

Drivers have complained after getting caught out for using the Waitrose supermarket car park as a cut through.

The car park on Abbey Close in Abingdon is camera controlled and owned by Britannia Parking. There is free customer parking for up to two hours, but some drivers have been fined for visiting the car park for even less time.

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However, Waitrose has now apologised for the fines on behalf of Britannia Parking and has said there was a ‘fault’ in the system.

A Waitrose spokesperson said: “Britannia Parking operate the supermarket car park in Abingdon on behalf of Waitrose.

“We've been made aware of some parking charge notices (PCN’s) that were recently sent in error due to a fault with the system.

“The notices concerned have been cancelled and we are writing to motorists that have been incorrectly charged to confirm that no further action is required. We're very sorry for any inconvenience or distress caused.”

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