Drivers are getting caught out for using a supermarket car park as a cut through.

Abingdon residents are surprised after being fined for driving through the Waitrose car park on Abbey Close, which is owned by Britannia Parking.

On the entrance to the supermarket car park there is a sign that states the car park is camera controlled. There is free customer parking for up to two hours, but some drivers have been fined for visiting the car park for even less time.

Charley Dixey said his 83-year-old grandad, lives near the car park and has recently been fined for 'overstaying' in the car park.

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Mr Dixey said: "He got a ticket a few weeks back saying he had been parked there all day but in actual fact he had been at the golf club all day and had driven through the car park the same as he had done for about 10 years. He was obviously quite upset about it and wanted it paid straight away, I paid it for him and then appealed it."

Oxford Mail: Waitrose, Abbey Close, Abingdon.

Karen Pounds, explained she also uses the supermarket car park to drive through, but recently received a fine for over staying while doing her shopping.

She said: "I got a parking ticket this week and I'm convinced I didn't park there for more than two hours, but how do I prove it? I paid the £40 fine but am convinced I did not park there over my time as I'm always moving my car or I pay to park in the other car parks."

Jennah Gleed said she uses the Abingdon car park as a cut through and has recently been fined, but she believes the fines are due to a faulty camera.

She said: "The tickets I received stated that I had outstayed the maximum term not that I had passed through a restricted area. Similarly there are no signs around the carpark that say it is private land and passing through is not allowed."

She added: "The system correctly noted the first entrance but then failed, to record the first exit and second entrance that day then picking up on the second exit."

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Mrs Gleed said she appealed the fine and flagged the faulty camera with Britannia Parking. After struggling to speak to the Britannia Parking customer service, Mrs Gleed's fine was eventually cancelled.

She received a short statement from the parking company that said: "We can confirm that the Parking Charge Notices have been cancelled, therefore no further action is required."

- Waitrose has apologised for the fines and say it was due to a ‘fault’ with the system. Read more here>>>

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