In recent weeks, people across Oxford and the wider county have had issues with their post where they have faced long delays for packages and letters.

People living in Blackbird Leys, Wantage and Headington have all been effected and those living in these areas have been left ‘furious’.

Some people have faced long waits for new debit cards, bills, birthday cards and packages from sites such as Ebay.

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When people have tried to reach out to delivery offices in their local area or the national Royal Mail customer helpline they have found it ‘impossible’.

One anonymous Wantage resident, however, has expressed sympathy for postal workers.

They said: “Royal Mail as a company is at fault for staff shortages. But it is always the postal workers who get the stick for it.

“They are over worked and underpaid and understaffed and doing the best they can. Considering the mass amount of people now order online. And they are prioritising packages which is wrong as people are suffering late fees for bills because they are not receiving there post.”

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The issues with Royal Mail are not the first of their kind, with residents in East Oxford missing their post for weeks at a time back in January.

Royal Mail has apologised for the delays and explained it has been experiencing ‘resourcing issues’, but it is still aiming to deliver ‘at least every other day’.

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