Residents are complaining after waiting weeks for their post to arrive.

Some people have claimed that it has been almost two weeks since they last saw their postie.

Many are waiting up to 10 days for bills and birthday cards to arrive.

Residents in Wantage have been complaining about the lack of mail deliveries on the Wantage and Grove community Facebook page.

Clara Irons commented: “I haven’t had any post but still waiting for birthday cards that was posted to us on October 9. I am not holding out much hope that they will arrive.”

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Tracy Thomas said: “We had nothing for ages and then about 10 envelopes yesterday. Oldest letter was dated from early October so guessing it was at least a week’s worth.”

Emily Philips agreed, saying: “We haven’t received any post in about a week now, they have been delivering parcels but no post.”

Leanne Blackmore added: “I feel so sorry for all the posties. It is only going to get worse leading up to Christmas. Royal Mail needs to do something to support them.”

A Wantage residents that requested to be kept anonymous and said: “Royal Mail as a company is at fault for staff shortages. But it is always the postal workers who get the stick for it.

“They are over worked and underpaid and understaffed and doing the best they can. Considering the mass amount of people now order online. And they are prioritising packages which is wrong as people are suffering late fees for bills because they are not receiving there post.”

Blackbird Leys residents are also complaining that their mail has not been delivered in over five days.

Resident Paul Read said, he has had only one item delivered in the last two weeks. 

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Mr Read said: "I am awaiting a number of items including some from EBay and from my bank - the earliest of which was posted on October 16. Tried to call Royal Mail today and after 25 minutes someone answered 'hello' then put the phone down.

"I then tried to email their customer services via the link in their website but the email was returned undeliverable. I have discarded the idea of posting my complaint for obvious reasons."

Royal Mail has apologised for the delays and explained it has been experiencing ‘resourcing issues’, but it is still aiming to deliver ‘at least every other day’.

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A Royal Mail spokesperson said: “In the local area, we are currently experiencing some resourcing issues which we are addressing as quickly as possible.

“We aim to deliver to all addresses we have mail for six days a week. If resourcing issues prevent this, we'll deliver at least every other day.

“We apologise to customers for any inconvenience they may experience as we work hard to resolve the situation.”

Wantage residents have previously had problems with delivery delays from Royal Mail.

In June, MP David Johnston started to work to resolve ongoing problems with Royal Mail services in Wantage, Grove, Didcot, Wallingford and some surrounding villages following the very first complaint he received on August 10 last year. People complained they did not receive anniversary cards, Christmas cards and important documents on time.

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