PEOPLE are ‘furious’ after waiting days to receive their post.

Blackbird Leys residents are complaining that their mail has not been delivered in over five days – with a large majority claiming it has been almost two weeks since they last saw their postie.

Sylvia Hayes, 79, who lives off Kestrel Crescent, said she has been waiting for her post for two weeks.

She added: “I have been waiting for a new bank card for two weeks but haven’t been getting any post so I can’t get any money out.

“I am nearly 80 and I am disabled so I really rely on my card for shopping and paying bills.”

Sylvia, however, is not the only person frustrated with the lack of deliveries.

Mazo Maisey has also been waiting for a new debit card – the bank said it posted the card on October 14, yet over two weeks later Mazo still has not received it.

He said: “I get paid this month’s wages on Friday, but I won’t be able to withdraw it as they have cancelled the card now, as they assumed it had got lost in the post.”

Gail Phillips said she has had no mail for ‘weeks’ and has been waiting over one week for five parcels that should have been delivered last Monday.

Niki Bishop added that she had not even received any ‘junk mail’.

It is currently unclear what is causing the delay in this part of the city, however, Andy Beal who also lives in the area said that the ‘post office management’ is to ‘blame’.

He added: “They changed the rounds the posties do and put others on different routes.”

When people have tried to ring through to the Royal Mail, to find out what the issue is with their delivery, they say they are left on hold and never get through to anyone.

Debbie Allen said the situation was making people on the estate ‘furious’.

At present, it is unclear if any other parts of Oxford are being affected or whether the situation is isolated to Blackbird Leys.

Earlier this year, those living in East Oxford were also hit by severe Royal Mail delays.

Residents were left waiting for their letters and parcels for over a fortnight.

Upon contacting the Royal Mail they were told to expect parcel deliveries once every two weeks – the postal service at the time blamed the pandemic, and staff being sick for the delays.

Royal Mail has been approached for a comment regarding the issue.


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