OXFORD Brookes students say they are “scared to go clubbing” amid the spiking horrors reported across the country.

Tonight, those students, along with people of all genders across the UK, will be taking a stance and boycotting clubs on the biggest student night out in the week – a Wednesday.

The idea is that club owners will do more to prevent these incidents from occurring.

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Organisers of the movement, which is called ‘Girls Night In’, say they hope it will show that women ‘deserve to have fun on nights out’ and it’s ‘not fair that club experiences are being tainted by fear, worry and anxiety that we’re going to be drugged’.

In just one example of how women feel unsafe going out, Brookes hospitality student Saskia, 21, said she is “scared to go clubbing” and feels like she “can’t get drunk”, saying: “I want to be alert at all times and make sure my friends are aware if I’ve been spiked.”

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While drink spiking isn’t a new problem, and party-goers have had to adopt methods of protecting their drinks for years, the recent concern comes after reports of women being spiked by a needle.

In the latest incident, in what appears to be a string of similar incidents reported across the country, four women were spiked on a night out in Brighton on October 19, Sussex Police reported.

Thames Valley Police have been asked about similar incidents in the area.

In September, an 18-year-old woman had her drink spiked while on a night out in George Street, Oxford.

Sophie, a 22-year-old hospitality student at Brookes, said she was angry about the news. She said: “Clubs haven’t been taking this seriously in the past and haven’t done enough to stop it. It’s taken this [injection spiking] to actually make clubs aware of the seriousness of this issue.”

Oxford’s O2 academy is one of the places in the city to help protect women, selling scrunchies that double as drink covers.

Business student Jo said she would like other preventative measures, like O2’s scrunchies, to be made more accessible at every venue.

Other students are hoping more will be done across club venues and authorities can step up to make women feel safer.

Sophie suggested: “Stricter security at clubs and more CCTV.”

Saskia added that she would like to see “girls only club nights” and ‘ID scanners that will store information to later identify spikers and help police’.


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