CAMPAIGNERS are calling for a nation-wide boycott of clubs, to protest against the 'worrying' increase in drinks spiking.

The nationwide movement, called ‘Girls Night In’, said it hopes it will show that women ‘deserve to have fun on our nights out' and that 'it’s not fair that our club experiences are being tainted by the fear, worry, and anxiety that we’re going to be drugged’.

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In Oxford, a student-led anti-sexual violence group, 'It Happens Here' are also encouraging people to take part in the boycott to ensure further action has happened.

But what are the clubs doing to take precautions against spiking at their venues?

ATIK, Park End Street:

The popular night club on Park End Street released a statement explaining what it is doing to reduce the risk of getting spiked.

Writing on its Facebook it said: "We are aware that at the moment there is a lot of concern regarding drink spiking – both locally and nationally. This is something we take very seriously and we continue to work closely with local Police.

"However, we feel passionately that everyone should feel safe on a night out, and they should feel safe in our club. We work hard to create a welcoming, inclusive and safe environment so that all our customers can enjoy a fun night out and we will do everything we can to make sure that this stays the case."

It added that while these incidents are 'incredibly rare' it still has a number of precautions in place.

This includes:

  • Training staff on the issue of drink spiking and what to look out for if someone has been spiked.
  • Using policies such as 'Ask Angela' and the 'We Care' policy 
  • Carrying out searches on entry 
  • Using CCTV and bodycams, and if an allegation is made this material can be passed to the police
  • Having fully qualified first aiders on site and 
  • The club has said it will never ask anyone to leave on their own and will arrange for a taxi or friend/family member to collect them

The Bullingdon, Cowley Road:

The bar, gig venue and club on Cowley Road has released a statement about the spiking 'epidemic' across the country.

Writing on Facebook it said: "After being closed for the last 18 months it's devestating to all of us that work here at The Bullingdon that drinks spiking is in the hospitality industry.

"We stand with anyone involved with 'Girls Night In'.

"Our message of positivity, inclusion and freedom still stands at the forefront of the way we operate our venue and is reflected in the diversity of the events that we run. 

"We do this throug the many safety measures we have."

The safety measures at the Bullingdon include:

  • Full ID checks (passport or driving licence, original copies only) for everyone entering 
  • Body pat down every male coming into the venue. The Bullingdon says it is the only club that does this, stating that while some substances will still get through, every sharp object including knives and needles will be caught 
  • Regular patrols are taken out in the toilets and premises every 30 minutes
  • Bar staff are trained to 'see it, say it' to manager if anything looks suspicious
  • Bar staff are trained in he 'Ask for Angela' initiative 


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