More than 100 e-scooter riders were stopped by Oxford police in a two-day operation across the city.

Thames Valley Police said officers spoke to riders about scooter use during the operation on Sunday and Monday. Letters were being sent out to those caught riding the e-scooters illegally, the force said.

Currently, it is only legal to ride the electric two-wheelers that are part of the Voi-run city-wide hire scheme. Other e-scooters can only be ridden legally on private land.

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In a post on social media, police warned that an ‘enforcement operation’ was being planned.

Those caught riding e-scooters without insurance or a driving licence risk receiving a roads ban, being fined or having penalty points put on their licence.

In September, banned driver Jonothon Barrett, 28, was handed another 12 month driving disqualification after he was caught at the handlebars of an electric scooter in Headington. He also refused to provide a blood sample, which had been requested as police suspected he’d taken cannabis.

Last month, traffic officer PC Liz Johnson warned students about the dangers of riding e-scooters while drunk.

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She told the Oxford Mail: “When you rent one of these scooters you tick a box to say you’re not impaired and you haven’t been drinking, because it falls under the same Road Traffic Act offences.

“You can be breathalysed as a result of riding an e-scooter so you mustn’t be impaired when riding an e-scooter. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking oh, I’m going to the pub oh I’ll catch an e-scooter back, because that’s as bad as getting into your vehicle and then driving home.”

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