A disqualified driver has been given another 12 month driving ban after he was caught at the handlebars of an electric scooter.

Jonothon Barrett, 28, bought the e-scooter on his release from prison in August – having been given an eight week jail sentence in July for driving a Honda Jazz in Swindon while disqualified.

On September 5, the police caught him pushing the e-scooter down London Road, Headington – the equipment having run out of power.

Barrett tested positive for cannabis at the roadside, then refused to provide a blood sample when he was taken back to Abingdon police station.

Jayne Wilkinson, defending, told Oxford Magistrates’ Court: “What Mr Barrett tried to do was to some extent the right thing; by being able to go around on something he thought was legal and which lots of other people clearly think is legal.

“We don’t have someone here who has received a disqualification, has ignored that and driven again.”

She said: “Rather than run the risk of going back to prison again he buys himself an e-scooter and on September 5 he takes the e-scooter into Oxford along with lots and lots of other people and drives it around.

“Then it goes flat. So, when police stop him he is actually on the scooter but using it manually.

“This is why it’s taken so long to get into court [today]. We’ve gone though the legislation. There is no exemption like there is in relation to electric bikes and an e-scooter requires a licence and requires insurance.

“All of these people who are haring around Oxford on them are probably breaking the law. But it’s just that Mr Barrett was stopped by the police.”

The solicitor said her client had refused to provide a sample of blood as he did not think he needed to. He was also afraid of needles.

Appearing in the dock on Tuesday afternoon, Barrett, of Bayswater Road, Oxford, pleaded guilty to driving whilst disqualified, failing to provide a specimen of blood and driving without insurance.

Fining him £200, chairman of the bench Caroline Jones said: “I think we have some sympathy with you today. However, as you’ve heard we do have to disqualify you.”

He was banned from driving for another 12 months and ordered to pay a £34 victim surcharge.

Jonothon Barrett outside Oxford Magistrates Court

Jonothon Barrett outside Oxford Magistrates' Court