Author Sylvia Vetta has been encouraging families with children to try out short circular walks around Oxford.

Her latest trip out is in Kennington area, close to home as she lives in the village.

The latest walk, which Mrs Vetta has called The Power of Water, starts at The Tandem pub in Kennington Road.

You can get there on the 35 bus which stops opposite the post office 100 yards from the pub.

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Or if you are going by car you can park across the road in Kennington village centre car park, or at the pub if you are visiting the pub.

Oxford Mail:

There is a footpath sign to the right of the pub - follow the path which leads you to a bridge over the railway.

Mrs Vetta said: “At the other side of the bridge cross the Sustrans cycle path and go straight ahead through the gate into the meadow. At this point, you can explain to children that this is a water meadow and ask what that means.

“Cross the meadow to the Thames Path and go right.

Oxford Mail:

“After two hundred yards go through the gate and from there the path runs close to the river and then left over a metal bridge. Continue to follow the Thames Path.”

Mrs Vetta added: “After a while you will hear Lasher Weir before you come to it.

“Stand on the weir bridge for a while and admire the sound of water power.

“Point to the Sandford Hydro in the distance and explain how it harnesses that power to generate electricity.

Oxford Mail:

“The walk will take you closer to it. Continue on to Sandford Lock.

“Take a look at the river on the Oxford side and the Abingdon side so even the youngest children will understand the problem of navigating the Thames. Watch the lock in operation.”

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If you have to wait for a short time you can look at the large maps by the lock.

Not only can you get to London by boat but also on foot or by bike if you stay on the Thames Path.

This walk is just two miles long.

Mrs Vetta added: “After 100 yards you cross Sandford Bridge which spans a cut in the river. This is the perfect place to play Poo Sticks.”

Once across the bridge, look right and you will see a stile leading to the path that follows the cut. Take that, and follow the path until you come to the Sandford Hydro with its three Archimedes Screws.

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The hydro site has been through rigorous ecosystem surveys to ensure it has minimal impact on the local wildlife, such as trees, shrubs, birds and bats.

Leave the main path and take the narrow path on the left that crosses the meadow in the direction of the railway which brings you to a white metal gate. Go through the gate and after 50 yards you will reach the Sustrans path. Go right in the direction of Kennington and return to the railway bridge and back to the Tandem pub.