FILMING for Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg's new television show has been delayed due to several outbreaks of Covid, an anonymous source has said.

'Masters of the Air', a 'prestigious' World War two mini-series, is currently being filmed at Dalton Barracks airbase near Abingdon.

Work on the production began in April, with hopes that the TV show would be ready to air on Apple TV later this year.

However, a source working on the set, who has asked not to be named, said that the premiere date has now been pushed back to 2022, due to several delays – including a Covid outbreak on set.

The source said that there had been two outbreaks that caused the filming at Dalton Barracks to be shut down for two weeks at a time.

The first set of cases, which caused the production to shut for ten days, occurred at the end of May, and star-of-the-show, Austin Butler, was said to have caught the virus.

According to the source, a further 20 positive Covid cases occurred later in June causing another delay as staff had to self-isolate. 

Despite these outbreaks, the production is said to be extremely vigorous in implementing measures to prevent Covid cases on set.

All those attending the set must complete a PCR test if they have been away for more than a few days, as well as regular lateral flow tests.

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The source added: “They are being really strict with Covid on set – we have to wear a specific type of mask and have to distance while we are working.

“We have to sanitize and clean everything, including props.”

The TV show, based on Donald L Miller’s book, is going to be a follow-up to the Emmy-award-winning series, Band of Brothers and The Pacific.

This series will focus on the 100th Bombardment Group, who were based in Thorpe Abbotts in Suffolk during the war.

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Since then, the Oxford Mail has spotted actors driving around the airfield in World War Two modelled vehicles, dressed in World War Two uniform.

This newspaper has also distinguished a number of large model aeroplanes such as the Boeing B-17 'Flying Fortress'.

Filming is also taking place in Newland Park, in Chalfont St Giles in Buckinghamshire, where a World War Two base has been constructed.

According to the MailOnline, the set, which consists of Nissen huts, buildings, and several army buildings, is believed to have cost over £5 million.

It has not been confirmed how much money has been spent on the Dalton Barracks set, but three model B17 planes have been constructed as well as a flight control centre.

Apple TV has been contacted for a statement.