A PRODUCTION being filmed at a military base in Oxfordshire has been confirmed as Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks show, Masters of the Air.

A source close to filming cleared up long-running rumours that the filming taking place at Dalton Barracks, near Abingdon, was for the highly-anticipated Apple TV mini-series.

Rumours that filming was for Masters of the Air - which follows an American bombardment group in World War Two - began back in February after a planning application for filming a ‘high end and prestigious production’ at Dalton Barracks was submitted.

The planning application also asked to ‘recreate the airbase on the airfield’ so planes could be shown ‘taxiing’.

This led to excited residents across Abingdon and Shippon suggesting that the filming was for the Spielberg and Hanks show.

While Apple TV have been asked to confirm further details of the production, members of the public have been told by those working with the production crews that filming is for the World War Two series.

The TV show, based on Donald L Miller’s book, is going to be a follow-up to the Emmy-award winning Second World War mini-series, Band of Brothers and The Pacific.

The series will focus on the 100th Bombardment Group (a unit of the US Air Force) who were based in Thorpe Abbotts in Suffolk during the war.

Since then, the Oxford Mail has spotted actors driving round the airfield in World War Two modelled vehicles, dressed in World War Two uniform and stood by the model aeroplanes.

In April, construction of the model B-17 plane, named the ‘Flying Fortress’ began.

Later, in May, the model plane had been completed and was being used as part of filming.

While the production has caused upset for some residents, with one citing it as ‘a real-life nightmare’ due to the disruption the production is causing, most locals are keen to support the filming.

Richard, who lives on Barrow Road, behind the barracks, said he thinks the filming will lead to a boost to the local economy. Masters of the Air is expected to premiere later this year.