AN EVENT debating the future of the county’s economic and environmental growth will be taking place next week.

Oxford Civic Society [OCS] will be holding a series of debates on Saturday May 15 and Saturday May 22 to open up a dialogue about how ‘good growth’ in Oxfordshire can be achieved.

The society says while it is aware that the county needs more housing, more spaces for businesses and technology, and better transport links to drive the local economy, it wants to ensure this growth has a positive impact - rather than a negative one.

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The discussions will include how to move towards net zero emissions, how to guarantee sustainable development and how to ensure planners will put in adequate safeguards for social equity.

Each session will opened with a discussions, followed by contributions from a panel of specialist speakers representing a range of national and local organisations.

There will then be a Q&A session at the end of each debate.

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Chairman, Ian Green, said: "Oxford city and the county face many pressures over the coming decade, and many plans are being made to deal with them.

"There’s the Oxfordshire 2050 spatial plan, Local Plans for the city and the district council areas, a new county Transport and Connectivity Plan, an updated infrastructure strategy, a local Industrial Strategy and more.

"Yet it is not clear at present how all this planning activity can be drawn together to ensure good quality growth based on a consensus about its scale and pace, and about a balanced approach concerning the economy, the environment and social equity.

“Oxford Civic Society has therefore organised this major series of four debates to explore how the county can plan for genuinely sustainable development. Our aim is to look for common ground and the best ways forward."

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