PEOPLE living on Oxford's Blackbird Leys estate say they feel ‘trapped’ by new traffic-calming measures in neighbouring Cowley.

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods were introduced by Oxfordshire County Council in March to parts of the city in an attempt to stop rat runs, encourage active travel and reduce traffic pollution.

The bollards and planters were introduced as a six-month trial to Church Cowley, Temple Cowley, and Florence Park.

Although an LTN has not been introduced in Blackbird Leys, residents are concerned about the secondary impact the traffic scheme is having on their journey times.

During the estate’s parish council meeting last week, Deborah Mcllveen, Oxfordshire County Councillor for Blackbird Leys, spoke up about the issues the LTN is causing to locals and encouraged them to share their views in the consultation.

She said: “We are obviously on the outside of the LTNs and it can already take people ages to get into town.

“It is really important that the people in Blackbird Leys and residents who are not happy, fill out the consultation, because we are sort of getting trapped up here and there are ongoing questions.”

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The county council’s consultation period is open until September, and all city residents are encouraged to provide their thoughts.

Parish councillor Lorenzo De Gregori also expressed concerns residents in the area had shared with him.

He said: “Many feel as though they have been impacted by the LTN in Littlemore, a road that people were using to access the Leys.

“Leys residents also feel like they have not been consulted.”

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Other concerns included increased travel time, more congestion and increased price of taxi fares to the city centre.

Parish council chairman, Robert Davies also echoed concerns.

He said: “People might not even know something like this is happening just around the corner.”

A spokesperson for the council said: “The temporary and experimental LTNs do not prevent access to any addresses including those at Blackbird Leys where no LTNs are in fact installed.

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“The LTNs are in place to encourage residents to make a shift in how they travel so it is easier and safer to cycle or walk.

“This can take time for residents to make this adaptation which should result in less traffic and cleaner air for all.”

The council said it is monitoring the success of the experimental LTN and encourages all residents to comment on their experience via the open consultation page at

The spokesperson added: “It should be noted that recent traffic issues such as those last weekend have been exceptional due to some closures for roadworks rather than any other factors.”