Staff at an Oxford stationery shop are enjoying a double celebration - easing of lockdown restrictions and the store’s 18th birthday.

Since non-essential shops reopened on April 12, there have been a steady stream of customers at Scriptum in Turl Street.

Loyal customers who have supported the business by buying stationery online during the lockdowns are now returning.

Holly Probert, manager of Scriptum in Oxford

Holly Probert, manager of Scriptum in Oxford

Manager Holly Probert, who has worked at Scriptum for 10 years, said staff were delighted that business was steady so soon after reopening.

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She added: “Turl Street has always been one of the nicest places to shop in Oxford with plenty of independent stores and we want to thank customers who have have supported us online when they haven’t been able to come in to the shop.

“We are delighted to see customers coming back and there is a steady stream throughout the day, which is a good sign.

“We have moved some furniture to improve the layout and it’s wonderful to see customers coming in again to buy items they didn’t know existed before, like our little brass hand clips for holding up books, or ex-libris stickers for book lovers who are constantly lending out their books.”

Inside Scriptum

Inside Scriptum

Ms Probert said she hoped trade would get a boost this summer when people chose Oxford for staycations.

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She added: “It’s a beautiful city to walk around and we like to think people get a thrill when they stumble across us because they feel like they have found a secret treasure.

“The weather this week has certainly helped - customers have been very positive and chatty.

Scriptum in Turl Street Oxford

Scriptum in Turl Street Oxford

“They are obviously very glad to be out shopping again - it’s been a tough time for everyone but it does look like we are turning a corner.

“It will be good if domestic tourism is busy this summer and hopefully lots of people will choose Oxford as a destination.”

New initiatives at the store will now be able to get under way properly, including customers designing their own ink.

Last year, a number of different innovations were launched the store’s owner Azeem Zakria.

This included customers being able to make their own ink and produce their own wax seals - initiatives designed to get people into the shop, while also opening up a conversation about mental health.

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Mr Zakria said at the time he hoped the new interactive activities would lead to a boost in sales, and help young men in the city suffering mental health problems.

Scriptum also launched its own writers’ club, providing men with an opportunity to speak to each other over coffee sessions.

Ms Probert added: “Customers can mix their own ink colour and we are ready to start that again.”

Holly Probert inside the Scriptum store

Holly Probert inside the Scriptum store

Last year, as part of a new partnership with Oxfordshire Mind, Scriptum donated £1,200 to the mental health charity.