WE reported that hundreds of people queued outside popular shops in the Westgate Centre last week as shops reopened for the first time this year.

Crowds of people flocked to the Oxford shopping centre for the reopening of major retailers including Primark - which saw long lines of people wrap around the balcony of the first floor to be let inside.

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Here's what you said about more people heading into the city centre to shop as restrictions ease:

AMY GREEN: "Oxford has always been busy. Is it really worse than pre-Covid? People just want their lives back. If you are that concerned about it, maybe you shouldn't be out shopping. Life has been put on hold for far too long now.

"With the vaccine rollout, there is no reason why life cannot get back to normal."

LUCY CURTIS: "People are allowed to go to the shops, but they aren't listening to the rules. Keep apart, face masks, keeping your hands clean. These are the exact same people who will be moaning when there is another lockdown."

JACQUELINE CALDER: "There should be some kind of control over crowds in city centres and shopping centres as clearly people can't be left to their own discretion. At this rate a further lockdown is strongly on the cards sadly."

AIMEE BATTSON: "Wish people would mind their own. Everyone has been locked away long enough, if the shops are open and pub gardens etc then you are allowed to go out and catch up on all the things we’ve missed out on and get back to some sort of normality.

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"If you want to stay home then do so, but if people want to go out and take their kids out then stop having an opinion on it and let people just live their lives."

RACHAEL MILHAM: "Good. Let's see the high streets full again. Support local."

MARGARET COOPER: "I went today. Saw the queues and went back home."

PHOEBE LEIGH: "They are allowed. Shops are open. I don't know why people are so shocked. it would be more shocking if they were there and the shops shut."

TONI SPELLAR: "We need to go back to normal. If you want to stay locked indoors forever, do it, but don’t criticise other people for actually going out and enjoying their freedom."

CRIS BLUNSDON: "I just don't understand people. If I needed to shop but found myself in such a crowd I would be out Of there. It's not worth the risk.

"I've shopped online for a year and would love to go to the shops, but not in these crowds."

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JULIE KERNSTEIN: "There’s been enough control that’s why people are going out when they’re allowed to. You can’t lock people up and then expect them to stay home when they don’t have to.

"If you or anyone feels unsafe or vulnerable then they should stay at home, the rest of us can crack on. With as many people who have had it and vaccines, most of us should have antibodies. The rest stay home."

JULIE SIMPSON: "If you don’t like it, don’t go out and stay at home because obviously you like doing that hence why you think everyone else should be.

"Life is for living, simple as that. We have sacrificed enough."

VIX WALTON: "I had to go in to the opticians. It was awful. No concept of personal space, let alone distancing."

MIKE MACKENZIE: "It's just the way it is, and the way it will probably always be. We can't go round in circles all our life, so the Government needs to account for this sort of stuff going on.

"Fancy people moaning about what used to be normal. If you're vulnerable, don't put yourself in that situation. If not, crack on."

EMMA MAYHEW: "We have had three lockdowns, if people keep going like this we will be in a fourth, but with no furlough."

FRAN LAING: "Went today and wasn’t as bad as people make out to be, yes there’s loads of people, but that’s to be expected and I've seen it worse."

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