PROTESTORS in Oxford gathered to oppose the controversial Covid-19 vaccination certificates or passports – before they have even been introduced by the Government.

Around 20 people braved the miserable weather on Saturday afternoon to show how they feel about the Government's proposed introduction of Covid Vaccination Passports as they are officially known.

They carried handmade banners that read 'Where there is risk, there must be choice' and urged curious passers-by at Bonn Square to take off their face masks when in public.

This comes as a petition against the passports to be introduced in the UK has reached nearly 350,000 signatures.

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Opposers argue that such passports could be used to restrict the rights of people who have refused a Covid-19 vaccine, which they say would be 'unacceptable'.

Currently, those who have had a Covid-19 jab receive a vaccination card.

These details also go on their medical records.

The Government is now looking at how to allow people to more easily show their Covid status, but only as 'a temporary measure'.

This could mean a record of whether people have been vaccinated, recently tested negative or have natural immunity after being ill with the virus.

In addition, earlier this month Nadhim Zahawi, the vaccine minister, told Sky News that trialling the vaccine passports was 'the right thing to do', especially as outdoor dining and non-essential shops reopened on Monday.