A TRAVELLING YouTuber based in Oxford visited Bicester Village on the first day of its grand reopening.

In a video released this morning, Giovanni Roccaro revealed what one of the most popular shopping centres in the UK looked like yesterday.

The Oxford Mail already reported that thousands of shoppers flocked to Bicester Village in the hope to grab themselves a designer bargain for the first time this year.

Mr Roccaro, who has been developing his YouTube channel Travelwonderfun for nearly a year shooting and presenting videos about international beauty spots, decided to make the trip himself to see what the fuss is about.

Oxford Mail:

The vlogger revealed that the entry process was 'quick' and that the queue was not very long.

However, he commented on the online queue that a number of flagship shops had introduced, which frustrated many visitors: "I saw that a lot of shops are offering digital queue shopping system, which entitles people not to queue basically.

"So, when it is their time to come in, they receive a text message instead of gathering outside."

You can watch the video yourself here.