A GRANDMOTHER has launched a fundraising campaign after her daughter was forced to quit her job as an Amazon driver to look after her critically-ill baby in the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

Ainhoa Jimenez, who lives in Berinsfield, near Wallingford, with her children and partner Alex, had just began her job in the Banbury delivery depot when her nine-months-old son Saturnino became ill.

As the mum-of-two left for work on January 18, her partner found their baby ‘cold and unresponsive’.

Terrified, Mr Jimenez called an ambulance and paramedics took Saturnino straight to the JR.

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Since then, Mr Jimenez said that the baby was placed in the intensive care unit in an induced coma and assisted breathing to avoid further suffering.

He added that it was only on Friday last week that Saturnino began breathing on his own, and said doctors are running all kinds of tests to find out what is wrong with him – so far without success.

Mr Jimenez commented on his son’s condition: “Although the attention was immediate and accurate, Saturnino had to be sedated

“Still, the attack that we still do not know the cause of continued for several more days.

Nine-months-old baby Saturnino Jimenez was rushed to the JR in Oxford

Nine-months-old baby Saturnino Jimenez was rushed to the JR in Oxford

"The neurology team and a psychiatrist have met with us to show us the scan that was done to him and in which, it has been explained to us that everything we saw in a brighter colour is the damage that currently reflects our little one’s brain.”

The couple are now awaiting the results of a genetic study and biopsy carried out on Saturnino last week.

But this is not the family’s only trouble: Ms Jimenez has also been forced to leave her new job in the Amazon depot – where she was hired by a company called Sentry Logistics – in order to be with her son.

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Even though this was the Jimenez’s sole source of income at the time, the couple said they were advised by doctors to spend all their time with their ill son.

Mr and Ms Jimenez, who are from Spain, also have a daughter – Dana – who will turn two in March.

Now, Maria Simonet – Saturnino’s and Dana’s grandmother and Ms Jimenez’s mother – is raising money for the parents, so they can cover their rent and bills.

Nine-months-old baby Saturnino Jimenez was rushed to the JR in Oxford

Nine-months-old baby Saturnino Jimenez was rushed to the JR in Oxford

In her fundraising page, the grandmother commented: “I ask for the fundraising, so that they can maintain their rent, food, shopping, diapers and other household needs, in addition to the expenses of the situation that has been presented to them during the time that they must stay with their little one who is fighting for his life in the middle of this devastating pandemic.

“They are Spanish and have been working here in England for more than a year, and all of this has destabilised them at all levels and mentally devastated them, they are sunk.

“I beg for help to all who can help them, however little it may be.

“Helping each other is the greatest gesture of love.”

More than £3,000 has been donated by well-wishers from across Oxfordshire, but Ms Simonet is hoping to reach £6,000.

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Amazon did not comment on why Ms Jimenez was not offered a paid leave or on the terms of her employment, however, a spokesperson for the company said: “This is a terribly sad situation.

“Our thoughts are with Ainhoa and we wish her baby a speedy recovery.”

On the other hand, Jonathan Goodsell, director of Sentry Logistics, revealed that Ms Jimenez was self-employed, which is which is why she was not offered paid leave of absence.

Nine-months-old baby Saturnino Jimenez was rushed to the JR in Oxford

Nine-months-old baby Saturnino Jimenez was rushed to the JR in Oxford

He commented further: “It may be worth mentioning that Ainhoa only worked one single day as a delivery driver before saying she was unable to continue to work due to her son being taken to the hospital.

“It has only recently been brought to light that her son is in fact very unwell because there was no communication from Ainhoa once she left other than a text message from us to see how she and her son are doing.

“The company will aim to support getting Ainhoa work again as a self employed delivery driver should she ever want or need to return and we truly wish for a strong recovery for her son.”

To donate to the fundraiser, click here.

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