JURORS in a murder trial were sent home ahead of the defence case starting today.

Judge Ian Pringle QC told the 12 jurors at Oxford Crown Court that they should be ready to sit at 11.15am.

They have already heard prosecution allege that Nathan Braim, 20, of Broadwaters Avenue, Thame and Benjamin Eyles, 19, of Monks Hollow, Buckinghamshire, killed Joshua Harling on the night of July 22 last year – which they both deny.

The 19-year-old accountant from Oxford was stabbed to death in Thame.

He had got into his green VW Polo to drive away after a street fight – jurors have previously been told – but his car flipped upside down after crashing into parked cars on Chinnor Road and he could not be saved.

After desperate attempts from emergency services the teenager was pronounced dead at the roadside shortly after 7pm.

At the time police officers had cordoned off the road where he was found and told residents to stay in their homes.

Thame Fire Station had also said on Twitter that firefighters were at the scene of a major car accident.

Today the jurors are expected to hear the defence case from Eyles.