A MAN has been caught on camera driving along a busy road with his baby sat on his lap, The Sun reports.

Dash cam footage shows the dad as he turns right across a busy road close to a McDonald's in Banbury.

As he turns across the flow of traffic, with one hand on the steering wheel, the film shows he has a baby sat in his lap.

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The driver who captured the footage said: “Me and my wife had just been shopping in Aldi and were coming up to the junction.

“At first when I saw him I thought it was his elbow but then I realised as he turned towards us it was a baby’s head.

“We both exclaimed ‘Jesus Christ, did you see that?’.”

The Sun reported that the driver who captured the footage saw the man meeting with a woman who had a pushchair.

He added: “To me it looks like he’s gone off to get a McDonalds whilst his wife is shopping and he’s taken the baby along with him, but didn’t have a car seat.

“What an irresponsible thing to do. It’s just not worth thinking about what could have happened.

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“We were both gobsmacked about how stupid it was.

“What would have happened if the great big lorry behind him had gone into the back of him - the kid would have gone through the window.

“It looked like a baby to me, rather than a child, and he was sat quite low. I’d say he was about a year old - two at most.”

The incident was reported to Thames Valley Police and an investigation is taking place.