A BICESTER man is frustrated with a delivery company which has stopped delivering packages to his home.

The man, who has asked not to be named, says Hermes has been 'unprofessional' in the way it has handled the situation.

It comes after he says he received a package back in May delivered by the company that was 'soaked' in fuel.

He warned people on Facebook, saying: "Heads up folks, just had a parcel delivered by Hermes soaked in paraffin. If your Hermes parcel stinks this afternoon it may be worth getting the packaging out of your house quick sharp."

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Since then, items that the man has ordered with Hermes as the courier, have not been delivered to his address but have instead been held at the nearest depot.

He believes the depot manager is responsible and that the reason why his packages are being held is because of his Facebook post.

He said: "A local lady who says she is the manager of this area has messaged me on Facebook messenger and insinuated that I'm being punished for posting about the fuel soaked package on social media. I suspect she is the person withholding my packages."

Oxford Mail:

The man made a complaint to Hermes about this and says he was told packages were not delivered because he accused the driver of soaking it in fuel and igniting it on is doorstep.

He said: "When I sent them a copy of my post proving this was a lie they changed tack and said that it's because I've been threatening and intimidating, which isn't true.

"I've never even met the delivery guy and I have copies of all communications. The only threats I've made are to go to the relevant authorities and press if it isn't resolved."

Oxford Mail: Oxford Mail:

The saga has been an inconvenience to the man and his family with around 17 packages either being sent back to the sender or listed as missing.

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Although he tells sellers on eBay not to use Hermes, they still do, and retailers do not always inform online customers on which courier they use.

He said: "We made three H&M orders online during lockdown as clothes shops were closed, and they all didn't turn up. It turns out H&M uses Hermes to deliver which meant we were unable to buy clothes."

He has also tried putting his partner's name on his address, but packages still did not arrive.

Hermes has told the man that they are trying to find a different driver to deliver to his address.

In a statement, the company added: “We have a zero tolerance policy of abusive behaviour towards our staff and contractors and take all allegations seriously.

"We are investigating and have been in contact to discuss alternative arrangements for his parcel deliveries moving forward.

“With regard to the ‘fuel on the parcel’ allegation we have no evidence that this happened and we have not received any other complaints like this.”