IT WAS only a few months ago that the demand for hand sanitiser had skyrocketed and shops were called-out for hoiking their prices up. 

But now, hand sanitiser is so easy to get hold of that children have apparently even started drinking it.

The craze has worried one parent, who wrote on Facebook: “Heads up to all parents I have just been made aware earlier this afternoon by my children and others that some children are drinking hand sanitiser.

“All children are at two different secondary schools (Fitzharry’s and King Alfred’s).

“It must be some sort of craze going around at the moment. Pretty sure it’s not healthy. So please have words with your children.”

Most hand sanitisers are made from alcohol and distilleries such as TOAD in Oxford have been making its own during the pandemic. 

A King Alfred's spokesperson said the rumour was to be taken with a 'huge pinch of salt' and that no children have been caught doing it. 

Yesterday the whole of Year 11 at the school was sent home to self-isolate after two confirmed cases of coroanvirus. 

The post on Spotted: Didcot was flooded with comments, one from Charlotte Dale reminisced: “God what ever happened to painting your hands with PVA glue! And making catapults out of rubber bands and paper clips.”

Fitzharry's were contacted for a comment.