HAND sanitiser is being sold online for hiked-up prices after coronavirus panic-buying saw shops sell out.

Some people in Oxfordshire appear to be trying to cash in on the shortage, by selling overpriced antibacterial gels on sites like Gumtree and eBay.

The first two cases of the virus were confirmed in the county yesterday evening, and shelves in some supermarkets and pharmacies have completely sold out of hand sanitiser as people try to avoid infection.

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An Oxford-based seller on eBay appears to have stockpiled 100 bottles and is now selling them online in packs of 10, for £55.

Oxford Mail:

A screen shot on eBay of the hand gels. Item location is listed as Oxford

According to the site, two packs have already been sold and eight are still available.

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One Oxford-based listing on Gumtree is for two 50ml bottles of Carex hand gel, which are being sold by 'Jason' for £20. 

Depending on the brand and store, hand gel of that size usually ranges in price between about 60 pence and £2.

The description states: "Offers accepted, while stocks last, COLLECTION ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUN OUT OF STOCK EVERYWHERE!"

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Another seller in Temple Cowley is advertising six 60ml bottles for £28.99, meaning each would be about £4.83.

Oxford Mail:

A screen shot of the Gumtree post

The description again simply says: "Sold out everywhere."

More than a dozen sellers located in Oxford are selling hand gel on eBay, with some putting bottles up for auction.

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One such auction, for a single 50ml bottle of Lidl's Cien hand gel, has reached £5.50 with seven hours to go, with 10 bids already submitted.

Oxford Mail:

Screen shot from eBay. Item location is listed as Oxford

Nationally, retailers like Boots and Lloyds Pharmacy have been rationing the number of hand sanitisers that a customer can buy in a single purchase.

Sainsbury's in Didcot and Waitrose on Botley Road are just a couple of the Oxfordshire stores that have had empty shelves in the hygiene aisles.