A 3.3-magnitude earthquake was felt in parts of Southern England this morning, with witnesses describing houses shaking as if there had been 'an explosion'.

The British Geological Survey (BGS) said it is investigating reports of an earthquake in Bedfordshire, about 45miles away from Oxford


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Earthquake testimonies on the SCEM EMSC website say it 'felt horrible'.

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One person, who is about 3km away from the epicenter said: "Lying in bed reading. Suddenly around 09.45 a loud bang shook the house. The windows swayed from side to side. The cats fled in terror. I was shocked and thought maybe the oil tanks or the boiler had exploded. Phoned 999 and Police said many calls had been received. Seems there has been an earthquake....need to check exterior of house..."

Another person in Northolt, London said: "Heard a large rumble but just thought it was a lorry passing." 

Others further away in Bath, 132km away, said: "Enough to be felt as if something wasn't right." 

In February 2018 tremors shivered through the county as the most powerful UK earthquake in a decade rippled through the UK. 

Police confirmed there was a 'minor earthquake in South Wales, measuring 4.4magnitude.

Oxford Mail:

British Geological Survey tremor chart showing the moment the earthquake hit

The rumblings of the quake were also heard in the oxford Mail's offices off Botley Road, at about 2.30pm.