A DRAMATIC fire at a shared house was started after a resident left a candle burning. 

She had set it alight before going into another room. 

But within minutes the smoke alarm was sounding and a fire was tearing its way through her living room.

Luckily, she was able to use her 'pendant alarm' to call for help, at just before 8am yesterday morning, while simultaneously making an escape. 

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Firefighters arrived at the block on Kings End, Bicester, within minutes.

With police officers, they rescued the upstairs resident who was stuck in a smokey flat. 

The photograph shows smoke pouring out of the doors and windows. 

Four people were checked for smoke inhalation by paramedics from South Central Ambulance Service. 

Writing on Facebook, Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service warned residents to never leave a candle on fire when you are not in the room.