A SELF-CONFESSED 71-year-old nymphomaniac from Oxfordshire has published a book that is “a bit like 50 Shades of Grey – but funnier” about her wild adventures in and out of bed.

While the writer wishes to hide her identity, she has been nothing less than honest in her work.

The novel, which is for sale on Amazon, is entirely autobiographical.

The title of the book is ‘Searching for Parker – The Life and Loves of a Closet Nymphomaniac’ and the 71-year-old from near Abingdon, described the experience of writing it as ‘most cathartic’.

Explaining why she finally decided to share her steamy real life experiences in a book, she said: “I figured at 71 it was safe enough to ‘come out’.”

The pensioner uses the pseudonym ‘L Penelope OAP’ to conceal her real identity because of a fear of losing her day job.

Describing the book to potential readers, she said: “It is a bit like 50 Shades of Grey but funnier – and not for those easily shocked.

“It is also biographical and the early chapters set the scene for what I became.”

She describes Searching for Parker as “full of wry, poignant, often funny memories of a successful career and a turbulent personal life”.

However, the sex-obsessed senior pointed out that the book is not simply pornography.

Instead, her lengthy biography also delves into some very dark moments of her life.

She explains: “It is very personal and it describes highs and lows, including three suicide attempts.

“It is not just soft porn.

“It is also quite funny and includes some cartoons.

“It was really cathartic writing it.”

A strong-worded blurb for the biography prepares the reader for the often shocking content. It is clearly more than just a pensioner sharing stories about their sexual experience.

It reads: “Being physically and sexually abused as a child did not diminish her desire for sex and love.

“Driven to succeed, she excelled in her profession and was highly respected.

“However, behind the confident public persona was a woman judged to be highly assertive and highly needy.

“Forming relationships with men 24/7 was not in her wish list or, latterly, her bucket list.

“She finally found good loving, occasional mindblowing sex, and some heartache in her 40s.

“With the help of cosmetic surgery, gym sessions, and a reasonably healthy diet, she is still going strong in her 70s.”

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The pensioner’s writing is far too explicit to publish in a family newspaper. Indeed, she insists, her writing style is not for those easily offended.

But, she says, readers can really rely on some juicy details of her real encounters – with the names changed for modesty’s sake.

Oxford Mail:

Some of her adventures seem truly unbelievable involving a huge cast of partners.

She admits to following one of the cardinal rules of writing, saying “the devil is in the detail” when describing her erotic escapades – such as an encounter with a builder who came to fix her ceiling.

She wrote about her experience: “At 57, 11 years younger than me, he was the oldest man I have ever had sex with.”

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L. Penelope OAP then went on to describe an on-and-off relationship with a colleague and an incident in which a woman surprisingly made a move on her.

Searching for Parker was published at the beginning of August by Publish & Print – a small, independent self-publishing company based in Pontypridd, South Wales, with 11 years of experience in the industry.

The pensioner also revealed she had already begun writing a sequel.

It is unclear whether the second book will also be a biography, however, the south Oxfordshire writer hinted that her ‘lusty builder’ is likely to make an appearance on a page or maybe two.

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The biography is accompanied by a playful illustration by graphic designer Adam Gonzales, which the writer says she “absolutely loves”.

It also makes a nod to one of the 71 year-old’s most notable chapters called ‘My cats and other friends’.

The paperback copy of ‘Searching for Parker’ costs £8 and can be purchased through Amazon.

For more visit publishandprint.co.uk/l-penelope-oap