RESIDENTS have slammed the ‘thoughtless’ and ‘mindless’ fire starters behind the Bagley Wood blaze.

On Sunday morning firefighters rushed to one of the largest woods around Oxford after what is thought to have been a simple barbecue or campfire burst into flames.

Armed with high pressure hose reels and fog-spraying systems, crews from Abingdon and Rewley Road fire stations wrestled their way through the woodland to wash it down and stop it spreading like an inferno through the branches.

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Taking to Facebook, Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service shared pictures of the damaged woodland.

It said: “Crews worked hard throughout the morning to bring under control a deep-seated woodland fire.

“Access to the wood proved difficult for the fire appliances, however they were able to utilise 4x4 vehicles from Wantage Fire Station and Abingdon Fire Station.”

It was shared to a Kennington Facebook page where more than 40 people reacted with sad, angry or shocked emotions.

Outraged, one man commented: “Mindless morons with no regard for anything or anyone else’s property.”

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Another added: “What is wrong with people?!”

Another resident said: “Why do people have to be so thoughtless.”

Another urged anyone with information about the incident to contact the police by calling the non-emergency number on 101.

They said: “Hopefully the police will find the people who did this and whoever it was should be made to pay the cost of the fire brigade and the replacement of the damaged trees.”