THE daughter of an Oxford hospital admin worker who died from coronavirus has called for action after the Oxford Mail raised his case with the Prime Minister.

Peter Gough, who worked at the John Radcliffe, died on May 12. In the weeks before had messaged his friend Paul Saville about not having access to protective gear or hand sanitiser.

His daughter Emma said as well as PPE more should have been done to allow him to work from home – as was the case for her mother who is an employee of Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

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The 20-year-old, from Kidlington, said: “He was having to move around the hospital, areas like lifts, bathrooms and stairways which all risked cross-contamination.”

Hospital managers said they followed national guidance and those who do not have direct contact with patients ‘are not considered to need PPE’.

During the Prime Minister's daily televised briefing on Sunday, the Oxford Mail asked NHS England’s medical director Professor Steve Powis what the rationale and evidence was for limiting PPE in hospitals this way, as well as if this was entirely science-based or down to limited resources.

Oxford Mail:

Emma and Peter Gough. Picture: Emma Gough

He said: “Yes PPE guidance is based on the science. The PPE guidance in the UK is developed by our experts at Public Health England, Public Health Scotland and the other devolved administrations, and it closely follows World Health Organisation guidance as well.”

Professor Powis said it had been ‘refreshed’ a couple of times since January, most recently a month ago with input from professionals and unions, adding: “I’m confident that the guidance that is in place at the moment is not only based on the science but on the professional input and support of many, many professional groups within healthcare.”

Prime Minster Boris Johnson responded to the Oxford Mail by saying PPE had been ‘one of the most difficult’ aspects of the outbreak, adding: “As far as I know, no hospitals currently have stockouts that you describe but I will definitely look at what’s happening in the Radcliffe and I’ll try to make sure that they get what they need.”

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Miss Gough though said the issue was not about PPE for frontline staff but hospitals needing to go ‘above and beyond’ the national guidance to protect all staff.

She said: “Nothing we can do will bring him back but it would be good if the hospital would consider making some positive changes to reduce the risk to admin workers in the future.”

Mr Saville added he hoped it being raised with the Prime Minister would lead to change.

Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said: “PPE has been available to the staff whose contact with patients mean that they require it.

"The levels of PPE are determined by the level of risk and exposure. Staff who do not come into direct contact with patients are not considered to need PPE. All staff are regularly reminded about the need for social distancing and to wash their hands in line with national guidance.”

It said the health and wellbeing of all staff was of ‘paramount importance’.