AN OXFORD United medic has launched free video consultations for NHS staff.

Soft Tissue Specialist and a member of Oxford United's medical team Chris Chesterman, has launched a free video consultations service for the NHS staff in Oxfordshire.

Mr Chesterman is offering free video consultations, personalised video exercises, telephone and email support to Paramedics, Police Officers, Nurses, Midwives, Doctors and Fire Fighters.

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The service has been running for two weeks and it is proving very popular with staff suffering from stress induced pain and tension.

Mr Chesterman said: "As a very proud father to Chloe who is a paramedic, I know all too well how hard you are all working, and your dedication to providing the highest care despite the currently challenges isn't going unnoticed, and I hope that by providing online and telephone advice for current aches and pains (including sending video self-maintenance exercises) may provide some support."

For more information about the online support visit: