SIXTY members of staff have been unfairly dismissed by Soho Farmhouse, one former worker has claimed.

Last week, two former employees accused the luxury hotel and members’ club of dismissing them due to ‘poor performance’.

One said they were told the decision was nothing to do with the coronavirus outbreak and the ensuing economic turmoil.

The other former worker was told something similar, and claims that 60 people have lost their jobs.

They said: “They called me up and I was fired over a WhatsApp video call.

“I think 60 people, including managers and floor staff, have been told the same thing - that it’s down to poor performance.”

Since then, a series of former staff members at the exclusive club at Great Tew, near Chipping Norton, have backed the allegations, claiming Soho sacked them based on poor performance.

Areti Chatzopoulou, 42, said she worked as a chef de partie at Soho Farmhouse and had been there for just over a year.

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Prior to losing her job, she said she was congratulated for reaching the milestone.

She said: "They dismissed me for having a bad performance – lower than the average.

"They also said I had a low attendance, I only missed one day and was never late.

"I never had any complaints from managers or received a warning.

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“I didn’t see it coming at all, everyone was more than pleased with my work.

“I was very clean and very professional.”

Mrs Chatzopoulou said she felt like she was often doing the job of two people when she was on shift.

In addition to cooking, she said she was also waiting and driving meals to members.

“For me, it’s like they have acted with panic due to coronavirus,” she added.

“Right now, I have no income and have a family to support.”

Oxford Mail:

Nineteen-year-old Jack Warhurst said he was told over the phone he was being let go due to low performance.

Mr Warhurst joined Soho in November and worked in cabin services, delivering food to rooms, often by driving a car.

He said: “I questioned why I was getting fired, I had no disciplinary issues and had done nothing wrong.

“I was just told it was based on a range of factors.

“I built a relationship with quite a few people there so to be told I didn’t have a job anymore was quite sad.”

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Mr Warhurst said he was told there was no appeal process with regards to the decision.

Soho Farmhouse is part of the Soho House chain, which has 10 UK locations.

Eight of these are in London, with Babington House in Somerset joining Soho Farmhouse as the only two outside the capital.

Another former employee at the Farmhouse, who asked not to be named, claimed that the salary they received was not the one they expected after their interview.

They also said they were promised a higher position but this never materialised.

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“Sometimes I was finishing work at midnight, then I was back in at seven,” they said.

“On days off, they would ring me to help out but with no appreciation.

“It’s really sad what’s happened at the farm, it’s not fair what’s going on.

“I’ve started to look for a job but there’s nothing out there at the moment.

“The Sohos in London seem to be a better environment and the way they treat their staff is better.”

Oxford Mail:

The former employee said they were dismissed by phone without any reason, having had no disciplinary issues or missed a day of work.

Meghan Markle famously celebrated her hen do at the luxury spa, and it was recently reported that her and Prince Harry were looking at building a house nearby.

The couple are believed to be looking at a plot of land after quitting royal duties last month.

It was reported they want to build a £3 million three-bedroom home close to a property already owned by David and Victoria Beckham - also members of the Farmhouse.

Oxford Mail:

Another former worker, who again asked not to be named, said they was dismissed following the result of an appraisal based on attendance, discipline and attitude.

When the employee asked to see written evidence and their score and scoring system, they was told there was no evidence and that they could not see the scores nor system.

Soho Farmhouse has been repeatedly contacted for a comment by telephone and email, but had not provided any response at time of publication.