ALL of Oxfordshire's councils have received a letter from the government explaining new rules to let them hold meetings remotely.

The letter from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government was sent yesterday, and also explained why local elections, due to take place this May, have been postponed for a year.

The letter, written by civil servant Paul Rowsell said the new regulations for councils would allow them to respond quickly on how they used their resources to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, while also helping them maintain their 'critical front-line services.'

The new coronavirus act and these following rules allow councils to use digital technology to meet remotely and vote on important decisions.

Oxfordshire's councils have all said they are working out how the equipment they already have can be used to hold these meetings.

Mr Rowsell's letter also set out why elections had been cancelled.

It said: "The elections regulations also ensure that unnecessary risks to voters, the officers who run polling stations and counts, and campaigners are avoided."

The new rules are only set out as a temporary measure according to Mr Rowsell's letter and will only be in place until May 7 2021.

But the date which the rules are in force until could be changed depending on medical advice from the government.

Council meetings are currently on hold due to social distancing measures introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic.