The current coronavirus crisis is forcing many to work from home and one Wallingford entrepreneur is helping people bring 'office banter' to their living room.

Peter Ryding is the founder of VicYourCoach, an online business coaching service that uses artificial intelligence to replicate face-to-face coaching and answer questions with advice.

His business also offers online soundtracks to download which help concentration and alleviate stress, these sounds include the pub, jazz clubs and office banter.

He has recently seen a 40 per cent increase in employees downloading background office banter noise to help create an office vibe at home.

There has also been a 30 per cent increase in people downloading an office sound without the banter, a 35 per cent increase in people downloading pub noises and a 28 per cent increase in people downloading coffee shop sounds and beach sounds.

Mr Ryding is also seeing a 40 per cent increase in people downloading relaxation videos at the end of the day to help unwind after work when stuck inside at home.

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He said: “Unsurprisingly at this time, we are seeing a nearly 50 per cent increase in employees seeking advice for home working and in particular downloading tools and modules to help combat stress, loneliness and anxiety.

“In keeping with our aim to help 20 million people across 20 countries achieve and celebrate more success with less stress we are offering VIC free to employees during this time.”

Mr Ryding believes keeping to a normal working day structure helps stay focused at home. This includes getting dressed - out of your pyjamas.

He also suggests taking yoga breaks, making to-do lists as well as staying positive and connected with virtual meetings and coffee breaks.

Mr Ryding is also a psychologist and he said: “Some people report, when they are working from home consistently who are not used to it, feelings of isolation, loneliness and disconnectedness.”

The soundtracks, although some of them replicate the pub, help with concentration and positivity when working.

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He said: “If you try and work in total silence it is incredibly difficult and having some background sound is better than nothing. Many people, especially if you are an extrovert and about 65 per cent of people are, they enjoy the banter and the sound of an office.

“So, at a very basic level we’ve got the sound of an office and you can get that with or without banter. What banter means is regularly at every 10 minutes so it does not stop you focusing but it is a reminder, it will say for example, ‘we’re playing Monopoly tonight, what are you doing?’ or ‘What is your favourite episode of friends?’”

There is the option to add in ‘banter’ in most of the soundtracks, for example, the pub or beach tracks will have the sound of a waitress coming over to offer you a drink.

These soundtracks help extroverted people concentrate and feel less lonely working from and also remind workers to get up and take a break away from the desk.

To download the office, pub or beach sounds visit