A PHARMACY in a town in Oxfordshire has been praised by residents for going the extra mile serving customers.

On Thursday evening, Natalie Lapierre, from Bicester, was in desperate need of medication for her ear ache.

She went to Ahmeys Pharmacy in Market Square at around 9pm, but the dispensing pharmacist, Faheem Ahmed, had finished his shift at 8pm and had returned home to Oxford.

His brother Adnaan Ahmed, who also works at the pharmacy, called him up and explained the situation, asking if he could come back to the store to prescribe Ms Lapierre.

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Despite enjoying a lovely dinner with his wife, Faheem drove back to the pharmacy in Bicester to help.

Ms Lapierre went back to the pharmacy at 10pm and Faheem gave her the right medication.

She expressed her gratitude for the pharmacist who sacrificed his time for her.

She said: "I’m extremely grateful to him and his team for the dedication and compassion they have shown, under the massive pressure that they are under during this unprecedented time."

Adnaan said his brother is a very hardworking man.

He said: "The amount of work he's been doing is something that 'normal' people wouldn't do. It's unbelievable how dedicated he is. It's tiring watching him work - he's definitely something special."

The pharmacy is open as usual but only one customer can be in the store at a time in order to abide by social distancing measures.

Other people in Bicester have also expressed how hardworking Faheem and the whole team is.

Pam Gelston said: "I have always recommended this pharmacy, they go above and beyond their call of duty and this absolutely just proves it.

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"I applause you Ahmeys pharmacy, you are making a massive difference to our community. Thank you."

Jane Winter said: "They looked after me last year when I was poorly. Rang me next day to see how I was. Amazing service."

Judith Plowman went on to say that it is the best pharmacy in the town.

She commented: "We know they are the best in Bicester, no offence to other pharmacies but Ahmeys just seem to go that one step further and always with a smile, nothing is too much trouble."

Tracey Farrell said: "Not all heroes wear capes."

Adnaan feels pharmacies do not often receive the recognition that they deserve.

He also believes the NHS and GP surgeries would be less strained if people used their local pharmacies more instead.

He said: "Faheem and I have this idea that basic ailments and things like cuts and bruises can be dealt with at pharmacies instead of GPs and A&E. Just think of how many appointments would be saved."

Speaking about the impact of the coronavirus on the pharmacy he said: "It has been busy and deliveries have helped to make it possible for everyone.

"It's stressful, but we still have a job while there are people who don't, so it's a blessing that we still have a wage."

Faheem can do medical assessments and prescribe medication to customers.