Motorists could be driving at reduced speeds on a stretch of road in Bicester as the county council proposes new limits.

The A41 Oxford Road on the northbound approach to Vendee Drive roundabout has been described in the past by residents, traffic groups and councillors as unsafe.

Kenneth Jarvis, 77, and Gillian Jarvis, 80, from Bicester, both died after a collision at the roundabout on June 12 last year.

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Residents say car crashes are a result of speeding, and called for the council to make improvements to the road.

Now Oxfordshire County Council wants to extend the 40mph speed limit on the roundabout approach by 240 metres and introduce a 50mph speed limit for around 670 metres in advance of that.

The council says in its statement of reasons: “The County Council continues its responsibility to consider the provision of convenient and safe movement of vehicles and other traffic, and the proposed measure is aimed at ensuring that speed danger is minimised to all road users.”

Bicester Traffic Action Group (BTAG) wrote to the authority at the beginning of August in 2018 listing several highway matters in the town that it believed required ‘urgent attention’.

Among the issues was the safety of Vendee Drive roundabout, and so the group are glad that the council is now taking action.

Co-chair of BTAG, Jan Harvey, said: “It would be very welcome especially if measures were taken to enforce the new speed limits.”

Another community group that campaigns for safer roads for all users thinks the proposal is good.

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George Bennett, founder of Bicester Bike User Group, said: “Although BicesterBUG welcomes the new and extended speed restrictions on the A41, it does not address the real risk and concerns of active travel around the Vendee Roundabout which will remain a high speed roundabout.

“The safety of active travel (cyclists and pedestrians) crossing the arms or using the carriageway of the roundabout is still in question due to the wide entries and exit which must be crossed.”

There was another consultation that took place last month about the council proposing to construct a Toucan Crossing north-east of the A41/Vendee Drive roundabout junction.

It comes as a result of development in the local area.

Mr Bennett added: “The crossing is nice to have, but it is probably placed so far away from the roundabout because the roundabout is too fast moving to put it closer.”

The speed limit consultation ends tomorrow (Friday).

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Work to reinstate the road markings on the approaches to Vendee Drive roundabout was carried out when the A41 was closed for surfacing works in July last year.

The council also has plans for improvements and refreshing of the lining, including Esso Roundabout, and from Esso Roundabout to Middleton Stoney Road as well as signing alterations to provide continuity along the A41 corridor.

These works - weather permitting - will be undertaken as soon as possible. To have your say in the consultation, go to