A DEADLY crash at a 'dangerous' Bicester roundabout notorious for accidents has killed a husband and wife.

Kenneth Jarvis, 77, and Gillian Jarvis, 80, from Bicester, both died in the collision at the roundabout on the A41 and Vendee Drive junction at around 8.15pm last Wednesday.

The couple were driving a Renault Kangoo van when a BMW X5 crashed into them.

The driver and passenger in the BMW sustained minor injuries and were discharged from hospital, but police confirmed that the couple died at the scene.

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The driver of the BMW had been travelling on the A34 before joining the A41 at junction 9 of the M40 before the crash happened.

Although an investigation into what caused the accident is underway, speed has been a factor in previous incidents on this stretch of road.

Oxford Mail:

Mr and Mrs Jarvis's family released a tribute on Tuesday, expressing their heartache at the sudden and tragic loss.

They said: “We are absolutely devastated by the sudden and tragic loss of mum and dad/granny and grampy.

"They were both loving parents, grandparents and great grandparents and they will both be greatly missed by us all.

“They have left a massive hole in our lives. We will treasure all the memories we shared together."

The accident comes less than a year after 29-year-old Thomas Nelson, from Cholsey, near Wallingford, died in a crash on the same stretch of road on the A41 in August 2018.

He died at the scene when his BMW careered off the busy dual carriageway and smashed into a tree.

An investigation into that crash revealed bumps on the road surface of the southbound carriageway may have caused him to lose control as he drove at speeds in excess of 100mph.

After the death, Oxfordshire County Council installed a road sign on the southbound carriageway warning drivers of an 'uneven surface'.

But with 4,256 drivers caught speeding on the road in 2018 by mobile camera vans, some have called for improvements to the road surface and roundabout itself to make the route safer.

Oxfordshire County Council said it is now looking at what safety measurements could be put in place.

Oxford Mail:

A spokesman said: “We can’t speculate as to the cause of the latest accident. This will be investigated by the police and considered by the coroner in due course.

“We do know that speed appears to be a factor in previous accidents here and we are looking closely at improvements which could be implemented in order to further make clear to drivers the need to reduce their speed on the approach to this roundabout.”

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Cherwell district councillor for Fringford and Heyford Ian Corkin has called for more safety measurements on the A41 and has been instrumental in getting a footbridge built across the road for pedestrians.

He said there needed to be more signs on the approach to the dangerous roundabout so drivers were aware they needed to slow down.

He said: “That road has a history of speeding and I have heard so many anecdotes from people to do with how dangerous the carriageway and the roundabout is.

"The roundabout looks like a warzone because of the amount of accidents that have happened there. It is awkward, broad and open which encourages speeding.

“Lots of people who come to the town for the first time don’t anticipate it and are not aware. They quickly come out of a 70mph limit to a 40mph limit and there’s nothing to tell them to slow down.

“We need quicker improvements and a clear idea of where the money will come from.”

Oxford Mail:

The councillor said speed cameras would be a deterrent as well as average speed camera checks but these are costly.

In response to the crash, Bicester residents who use the roundabout took to Facebook to say what changes they thought would solve problems.

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David Greene wrote: "Putting better lane markings and arrows would be a good start, and changing from three lanes to two when there’s only room for two side-by-side on the roundabout would also solve a couple of issues."

Debbi Montanino said: “It needs rumple bars from the M40 direction. Cars and lorries etc don’t realise how sharp the bend is on the approach.”

Harri Samson added: “So so sad. When will they sign those lanes properly or put traffic lights on it? I use it multiple times a day and it’s a ‘when’ not ‘if’ that you’ll get hit on it if you use it a lot. I feel awful for those people involved.”

Just yesterday, another Bicester roundabout bore the brunt of an accident when a car flipped and landed upside down on the roundabout at the end of Launton Road


A post on Facebook by firefighters involved in the rescue operation, said the driver was freed after crews stabilised the car and was not severely hurt.

Watch manager Pete Mackay from Bicester Fire Station said: "This is the second significant incident on a roundabout in seven days in Bicester and we urge people to take care when on the roads of Oxfordshire."