Laurence Fox has announced he is taking an 'extended break' from social media following abuse he has received since his controversial appearance on Question Time.

In a long thread posted on Twitter this afternoon the actor, known for his role in Oxford detective drama Lewis, talked about the impact it had been having on his mental health and continued to stick by his comments.

During his appearance on the BBC political show last month Mr Fox described a black academic as being racist.

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It came after audience member Rachel Boyle, from Edge Hill University, called him 'a white privileged man' for denying the Duchess of Sussex has been unfairly treated by the British media due to being mixed-race.

He wrote: "Since my appearance on Question Time and the ensuing hubbub, I have had nothing but support on the street, from people of all backgrounds and political view points.

"In the weird and lonely days that followed that appearance, your kind words have lifted my spirits. Thank you.

"But privately I have been becoming more and more depressed.

"I have been so shocked by some of the things said to me on these platforms and I have found some of it very hard to process."

He continued: "I think it’s important to stand up to bullies and that is why I have continued to do so.

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"But I am fearing for my future and my ability to provide financially for my children.  A thought that keeps has kept me awake most nights.

"People tell me it will blow over, but when you are in it, it doesn’t feel like it will.

"I expressed an opinion, which I stand by and I don’t believe is controversial."

He said union EquityUK calling for actors to 'denounce' him had been 'very hard to deal with'.

He said he 'loved' his job and the 'thought of that being taken away saddens me more than I can say'.

The actor added he thought everyone needed to 'learn to listen to each other better', saying: "I believe that pushing people to the edge of their ability to remain emotionally ok through cancel culture can and does have deadly consequences.

"I know that in order for me to be ok I have to turn this noise off for a while.

"We all have privilege too. All of us. Whatever colour or creed. The richest and the poorest. Some see it. Some don’t.

"Some have more than others. Billionaires have bad days and beggars have good ones. I’ve spent time with both and I know it to be true

"I wish you ALL all the best. I hope the loudest voices are the ones that come from love and truth. I hope that those who feel hate can be encouraged to find the love around them."

The actor ended the thread by joking he would 'probably be back on in ten minutes taking the p*** out of Lily Allen'.