JEREMY Clarkson has apologised on Twitter after his muddy farm meant people had to drive home after trekking to the grand opening of his new farm shop.

On Twitter yesterday evening he thanked fans for flocking to the Diddly Squat Farm, which is located just off Chipping Norton Road near Chadlington.

Have a look inside the farm here. 

He said: “Very many thanks to all the people who came to my farm shop today. I hope you enjoy your potatoes.”

At the shop he was selling questionably orange ‘Diddly Squat water’ without the ‘rubbish’ and had hailed his potatoes ‘cheaper than Aldi’.

One person replied: “We’re gutted, pulled up outside but too muddy for an eight-month-old and a pushchair. But we’ll be back one day.

“Looked really busy so best of luck with it.”

The car enthusiast, of Top Gear fame, replied: “I know. Bloody nightmare. Sorry.”

Others added that they weren’t ‘allowed in’ and some said they had accidentally worn the wrong footwear.