A SCHOOLGIRL aged just seven has written her own book and is selling it to support fire-ravaged Australia.

Scarlett Nicole Golianu, a pupil at Longford Park Primary School near Banbury, has created a children's book called The Pink Rabbit.

The youngster is donating all proceeds from the book to various charities looking after wildlife in Australia, where bushfires have destroyed habitats and homes.

Her mum Simona Golianu said: "Since she was very young, Scarlett would often write little jokes, stories or heartwarming messages and little notes for her sister teaching her how to read.

"Scarlett’s inspiration came from lots of books read by her and to her, movies, and her fabulous teachers.

"It all started with a school project where they had to write a fairytale."

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Scarlett chose her favourite colour and her favourite animal and the story, which spans 17 pages according to Amazon, grew from there.

It follows a brave rabbit who dreams of a 'pink world' where everyone is happy, and was informed by Scarlett's own love of rabbits, reading and writing.

The characters discover a magical land full of fairies, partly inspired by the Disney film Maleficent.

A rainbow sun, glitter rain and red grass feature among the imaginative scene dreamt up by Scarlett.

The imaginative youngster is already working on a second book to follow-up her debut, and is determined to create a trilogy.

Julie Hiddleston, executive headteacher of Longford Park, said: "We are all incredibly proud of Scarlett and look forward to reading her next book.

"It is not everyday that a primary school has a published author among its pupils, and we hope that other children may be inspired to get creative."

The book is available to purchase online via Amazon, for £4.60 in paperback or £2.67 on Kindle.

It includes a note from Australian children’s author Elena Paige, whose books include I Love Being Free, The Magicians and Evie Everyday Witch.

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Scarlett's mum reached out to the author and was delighted to receive a reply.

Ms Paige said of the book: "A wonderful girl named Scarlett sent me her story today. And it was perfect. Just the way it was.

"Because she had the courage to write it. Because she had the courage to share it.

"Everything that comes from the imagination, from loving intent, from the realm of creativity is worth it."

More than 50 fires are still burning in the Australian states of New South Wales and Victoria, following record-breaking temperatures and months of severe drought.

Wilderness preservation charity the WWF reports that an estimated 1.25 billion animals have been affected, including 30 per cent of the koala population in the mid-north coast of New South Wales.

Several Oxfordshire schools have raised money to help with the crisis, including Wolvercote Primary School in Oxford.

The school councils held a non-uniform day last month and raised almost £400.

Scarlett’s book can be bought from amazon.co.uk by searching 'Scarlett Nicole Golianu'.