AN Oxfordshire MP has called HS2 a 'vanity project' after a national report into the project was released this week.

North Oxfordshire MP Victoria Prentis says the National Audit Office Report on HS2 shows that it is no longer on budget or on time.

She believes the Government should focus on people's priorities more and that 'left behind communities need levelling up and not a vanity project'.

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Ms Prentis said: “I have always been opposed to this project given that it brings no benefit to North Oxfordshire, but I have now met with new colleagues from all over the country who do not want it either.

"The sad reality is that we will all be paying for it. That is £163 million per constituency."

The MP says the NAO report confirms that the project is still in its early days and as such it is impossible to “estimate with certainty what the final cost could be”.

Leaked figures from the Oakervee Review show that this could be as high as £106 billion.

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Ms Prentis added: "If we want to be seen as the People’s Government, we need to take the brave step to move on from this train wreck of a project. We desperately need  a new crossing for the London Road in Bicester, and I know lots of my colleagues have ambitious local plans too.”