To the editor,

We agree with Duncan Enright that we do indeed have a beautiful town in Witney inhabited by very kind people.

We also have a very beautiful Nuffield Surgery.

We consider that your reporter's column about the Care Quality Commission report on the Nuffield Surgery was extremely unfair.

Read the original article here.

We have read the report and there were more than 100 positive comments and only two points requiring improvement NOT POOR.

We have been patients at the said surgery for 45 years and, in that time, the staff (medical, nursing and clerical) have been unfailingly professional, helpful, caring, courteous and compassionate.

They remain welcoming and cheerful at all times.

It is a very busy practice and to grab a sensational headline like that can harm many professional lives.

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Yes we do need a commission to monitor the NHS but we also need good journalism to report things fairly.

Patrick and Diana Power

North Leigh