A BLIND student was ‘dragged’ out of the Oxford Union after a row about his seat.

Ebenezer Azamati was taken out of the event after he tried to attend a debate on the motion: ‘this house has no confidence in HM Government’.

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The 25-year-old postgraduate student from Ghana arrived early to secure a seat but because of old rules in the historic chamber, once you leave you are not allowed to re-enter.

He placed a book on his seat and went to his college for dinner.

When he returned and sat down with his friend, security guards stepped in and told him to leave because it was full.

He said he had secured the seat, but was then ‘man-handled’ by the officials.

A video showing two men trying to remove him was shared online by Oxford University Africa Society. 

Other people in the chamber asked if he was okay after watching the scenes unfold.

Brendan McGrath, the current president of the Oxford Union, was not at the event on October 17 but called for a disciplinary committee meeting where it was alleged that Mr Azamati was behaving aggressively.

And despite having a lifetime membership to the exclusive union, Mr Azamati was banned from any events until May next year – two terms away.

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The international relations student told the Oxford Mail: "It is very distressing.

"One of the security guards slapped me on the left knee and told me to leave the chamber.

"Why should I leave?

"He was really insisting on me leaving but I told him I had reserved a seat. I had my arm hooked on the chair but this guy was pulling me on and off.

"The security guard was trying to physically remove me. I am not a criminal. I am a member of the union.

"If you saw me I am small, and this guy was really big.

"The president lodged a complaint against me that I was violent so they suspended my membership for two terms. It is very distressing."

In a tweet today, Oxford University said: "We're appalled by the treatment of Ebenezer and the message it sends about inclusivity here.

"The Union is an independent private club, not part of the University, but we're pressing them for answers on the unacceptable treatment of our student."

A further statement added: "We share the widespread outrage regarding the unacceptable treatment of Ebenezer Azamati, a member of our University community, at the Oxford Union. Ebenezer’s college and the University are working to fully support him."

Oxford author Philip Pullman tweeted: "Shameful. Those carrying it out, and those sitting and watching - shameful."

Oxford city councillor Shaista Aziz branded the incident 'a disgrace' and 'absolutely horrific'.

Mr McGrath is yet to officially comment after the Oxford Mail got in touch with him on Thursday.

According to a post on the Oxford University Africa Society Facebook page, he has formally withdrawn his charge of violent misconduct against Mr Azamati and has apologised ‘unreservedly for the distress and any reputational damage which the publication of the charge may have caused him’.