OXFORD University students shouted ‘shame on you’ at people going to watch TV star Katie Hopkins debate at Oxford Union.

Boycott the Oxford Union is a campaign which aims to stop the debating society from inviting ‘fascist and racist’ speakers to the city.

Led by students at Oxford University, the group protested on Thursday evening outside the Union on St Michael’s Street, against inviting controversial TV star and columnist Katie Hopkins to the city.

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She took part in a debate ironically entitled ‘No Platforming’ – not giving a public stage to those with offensive opinions.

Oxford Mail:

Protesters chanted, ‘Nazi scum off our streets’ and ‘Oxford is anti-fascist’, as well as shouting ‘shame on you’ at students as they walked into the Oxford Union debate.

A 20-year-old Oxford University student who supports the campaign, said: “Katie Hopkins compares immigrants to cockroaches and the Oxford Union shouldn’t be legitimising those kinds of views as one of the most prestigious platforms on the planet.”

Others felt Ms Hopkins had the right to express her views whether being offensive or not.

Dave Endersby, from Wantage, who was filming the protest on his phone, said: “I’m here because I film these protests in London too - it’s disgusting. They can say what they want but Katie Hopkins can’t have her opinion. I believe in the freedom of speech, I respect the freedom of speech and to me – this is double standards.”

Boycott the Oxford Union believes the ‘radicalisation of far-right terrorists’ is a result of the Society inviting ‘fascist and racist’ speakers to events and posting videos on YouTube of their speeches.

It therefore plans to boycott all of its events until it stops.

The group said in an open letter to the Union

: “We call upon the Oxford Union to immediately cease hosting fascists and racists and to remove videos of the following fascist and/or racist speakers from their YouTube channel: Tommy Robinson, Steve Bannon, Marine Le Pen, Mahathir Bin Mohamad.”

Oxford Mail:

The campaigners also stated that it is concerned that decisions to invite speakers “are made by Oxford Union officers elected by a small and self-selectively elite membership, limited to those who can afford fees of up to £278.”

The Oxford Union however, has said that students can purchase an access membership at a discounted price and even have the option to pay in instalments.

Despite the backlash, it says it remains committed to “challenge, explore and criticise” ideas.

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Ms Athis said: “ The Oxford Union is unique in that far from offering speakers a ‘platform’ from which to lecture its members, it always allows for time for its speakers to be questioned.

“It is not for the Oxford Union to take a political position in regards to the speakers we invite. However, we do of course oppose all forms of fascism and racism.”

Oxford Mail:

Labour MP Naz Shah was due to attend the debate but dropped out at the last minute.

In response to the protest on Thursday, Ms Athis said: “The Union supports the right to peaceful protest, however we do not plan to make any changes to the programme of our events planned for this term.”

The result of the vote was 49 supporting no platforming and 234 opposing.