AN UNUSUALLY apologetic vandal has defaced a West Oxfordshire village with the word 'sorry'. 

Police are trying to track down the graffiti 'artist' who daubed white paint in various locations in Eynsham over the weekend.

In a Facebook post yesterday, officers said the tag had appeared on a fence, two bus stops and a BT phonebox, adding the hashtag: "#dontspoilourvillage."

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A woman who commented on the post said the same graffiti had appeared on 'Dovehouse park, [the] preschool fence and the side of the preschool building.'

An image of the tag showed an illegible word that appeared to say 'Kase' or 'Kasz' above the word 'sorry.'

Kase2 was a well-known New York City graffiti writer, who died in 2011, but there is no suggestion that the tag is in reference to him. 

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In another complaint logged on the problem-reporting site FixMyStreet, a villager said: "The stickers and white pen had been put on this bus stop which looks like 'KASZ'.

"The next day they obviously got hold of some spray paint and drawn a large heart, a smiley face and the word 'KASZ' again.

"Disgusting behavior and what an eye sore!"

Anyone with information can call 101.