RAT droppings and 'gnawed food' uncovered at an oriental restaurant has forced inspectors to slap a partial ban on the site.

Oriental restaurant Cockadoo, in Nuneham Courtenay, has been slammed by inspectors for its poor hygiene.

A visit from environmental health officers at South Oxfordshire District Council in September revealed standards had dropped far below expectations in the restaurants storage area.

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Inspectors found evidence of rats and mice, with pictures showing rat faeces, gnawed food, and holes in the structure of the storage area.

An immediate ban was ordered by officers in the form of an 'emergency prohibition notice' which prevents the restaurant - which describes itself as offering Chinese, Thai and Vegan - from using the rear storage area.

Oxford Mail:

The areas of the restaurant that were not found to be infested were allowed to stay open.

Owners were also ordered to pay the council's costs of £1,016.50 at Oxford Magistrates' Court on September 23.

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South Oxfordshire District Council cabinet member for housing and environment David Rouane said: “It is the council’s duty to help to protect people’s health through inspections of businesses serving food to the public.

"Where necessary officers will take immediate action, such as in this case, to ensure that all catering establishments understand the importance of hygiene standards."

The council said work is now underway to secure the restaurant against pests and is awaiting a revisit from pest control.

Oxford Mail:

The banning order can only be lifted once Environmental Health Officers are satisfied the 'imminent risk to health can be removed'.

Allan Yeung, the restaurant's manager, said that the storage area had been completely cleaned since the ban started.

Mr Yeung said: "We have been here 10 years and it is really shocking to have found the rats were getting in.

"We are working with the SODC and pest control to eliminate the problem, so we will have it re-opened as soon as we have green light."

Cockadoo is currently awaiting the new Food Hygiene Rating from the September 12 inspection, but previously scored a three star rating - 3* generally satisfactory - on February 26, 2018.