AN ANGRY resident has taken bad parking policing into his own hands by wrapping the guilty party's car in clingfilm.

Thames Valley Police posted a picture of the novel reaction to the pesky parking which appeared to block access to houses or a business.

It was posted from the TVP Cherwell Facebook page but did not say where it was that the car had created a blockage.

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The picture shows layer after layer of clingfilm wrapped around the body of the car, including the boot, bonnet and partially covering the windows.

TVP Cherwell posted alongside the picture saying: "I guess a resident didn't like having their access blocked?
"Recovery are now on there way to remove to a safe place."

It signed off the post with #inconsiderateparking.

A couple of commenters online saw the funny side, one said: "At least you wrapped it up so not to scratch it, so considerate."

We've been asking readers to send in their pictures of terrible parking they've seen around Oxfordshire.

So far we've had A LOT of examples, which we'll publish soon. 

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