JURORS in a murder trial have been shown dozens of clips of CCTV from office buildings, kebab shops to private homes as prosecutors come to the end of their case.

As the trial into the killing of 22-year-old Luciano Dos Santos Almeida continued yesterday the jury saw the extent of the police investigation involving numerous video clips showing the build-up to the alleged murder.

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Prosecutors at Oxford Crown Court claim that Mr Almeida was hit by a car before being fatally stabbed multiple times at Southfield Road.

Michael Yemane, 20, of South Bridge Row, Oxford, Welid Solomon, 25, of Field Avenue, Oxford, Sasan Mohammed Khalid, 19, of no fixed abode, and Safeen Abdullah Karimi, 28, of Hode Garth, Thame, all deny one count of murder.

Solomon also denies a further count of doing acts tending to pervert the course of justice by setting fire to a car allegedly used in the killing.

Since the start of the trial earlier this month jurors have heard witnesses recount what they saw that night and heard witnesses statements detailing events.

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Yesterday the panel saw CCTV footage that captured some of the movements of the accused men and Mr Almeida at about 11.30pm on February 27 this year.

The CCTV footage appeared to culminate in a Kia Picanto ploughing into Mr Almeida after he had crossed the road in the direction of a house he was staying at Southfield Road.

Earlier in the trial jurors were told that Mr Almeida was then stabbed multiple times after he was run over and he later died in hospital of his injuries.

Witnesses who heard the incident said they could hear Mr Almeida scream 'help, help, help' before police swarmed on the area and paramedics arrived.

Prosecutors are expected to finish the last of their case today before defence teams begin their arguments.

The trial continues.