JURORS have been told of the first efforts made to try and save a stabbed man who lay dying in an Oxford street.

As the trial into the murder of 22-year-old Luciano Dos Santos Almeida continued at Oxford Crown Court yesterday prosecutors read out a number of witness statements from nearby residents.

Students living nearby as well as paramedics and police officers all gave their accounts about what they say happened shortly after 11.30pm on February 27 at Southfield Road, Oxford.

Prosecutors claim that Mr Almeida was hit by a car before being fatally stabbed multiple times.

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Michael Yemane, 20, of South Bridge Row, Oxford, Welid Solomon, 25, of Field Avenue, Oxford, Sasan Mohammed Khalid, 19, of no fixed abode, and Safeen Abdullah Karimi, 28, of Hode Garth, Thame, all deny one count of murder.

Matthew Walsh, for the prosecution, read out a series of witness statements yesterday.

Three students living close to where Mr Almeida was found said they heard 'whimpering' and 'groaning' noises coming from outside their home.

One witness said that the area was popular with fellow students and that loud drunken noises was not uncommon.

She said: "I heard a whimpering noise, this is a student area and quite late so I normally ignore noises.

"I don't know why but I checked outside my window to check what was happening. I thought it may have been a drunk or students."

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The woman then said she went outside along with two other students and found a man slumped on a yellow salt box who was 'covered in blood.'

She said the injured man was 'drifting in and out of consciousness' and added: 'he was groaning but nothing I could understand.'

Others said that nearby residents were gathering towels to assist the bleeding man.

One witness said the man was 'rasping' and said: "I decided to try to keep talking to him and said help will be coming soon. I did this to try to keep him awake."

Paramedics also described being scrambled to the scene and having to treat two men - Mr Almeida at the top of the road, and another, who identified himself to police as Safeen Karimi, one of the defendants, lower down the road.

The trial continues.