OXFORD is one of the most expensive places in the South East to get cremated.

According to pensions and investment company Royal London, the average price of getting cremated in Oxford is £3,522.

The data looks at two types of funerals – cremations and burials, which are on average more expensive.

The city has been ranked the worst in joint place three other places in the South East including Leatherhead, Chichester and Crawley.

But while Oxford is ranked one of the most expensive, neighbouring town Abingdon has been ranked one of the cheapest places to get buried.

The average price of a burial in Abingdon is £3,056 compared to Oxford's £3,967.

The data has also revealed that funeral costs in the South East vary hugely, with nearly a £2,000 different in price between the most and least expensive locations.

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In the South East the average cost of a funeral is £3,669.

Burials in the region cost more with an average of £4,031 being spent.

Cremations are the cheaper option though with the average price being £3,306.

Commenting on the findings, a funeral expert at Royal London, Louise Eaton-Terry said: “As bereaved families continue to take on thousands of pounds of debt to pay for their loved ones’ funerals, support from the state remains woefully inadequate.

"The Government have tinkered around the edges and made some improvements to the Funeral Expenses Payment benefit, but the fact remains that the fund does not cover the full cost of a simple funeral.

"The value of the fund is seriously lacking with no serious action being taken to increase it and help support the bereaved who are being crippled with funeral debt.”